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July 8, 2015


Regular Practice

doodle face 2015 - Version 2

It began simply and, in all honesty, absentmindedly.

Despite its casual origin, it didn’t take long for the doodle face I scribble on the notes I share with my elderly neighbour to become a fun tradition. But what’s more, this fun tradition also represents an occasion to regularly practice drawing. I love creating layers, or ways of crossing my interests.

Since creativity is a source of expression and exploration for me, I see how this tradition has evolved as a way of sublimating and infusing my life with creativity. I have taken advantage of this regular practice to look up ideas and play around with pencils, ink and pens. This quick doodle face not only brings my neighbour a smile and topic of conversation but has become a way of practicing drawing. It’s really a great pretext for spending a creative moment.

But the best layer this regular practice is producing is some silly fodder I can use as imagery or backdrops for blog posts.

Yep — I love purple and blue hair.

doodle face 2015 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Jul 11 2015

    Un bon moment de lecture: agréables instants à partager avec crayons et encre entre voisins , discussions et apprentissage du dessin .Merci Stefan .


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