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June 9, 2014


A Dozen Orchard Dwellers

DSC_9325 - Version 2

The orchard began humbly two years ago with only a few specimens. Since its establishment, each year has brought new dwellers to the orchard.

While it is perhaps not large in terms of size, the orchard is growing in layers of assortments and varieties.

The perennial collection now consists of 12 varieties of fruits. As you see, I should consider adding one more variety so I can claim a “gardener’s dozen.”

Since this blog is also serving as a repository of garden-related information, let me squeeze in a list of the current permanent dwellers of the orchard:

crab-apple (established unknown variety)
sour cherry (Meteor)
pear (5 varieties grafted: Anjou, Bartlett, Flemish Beauty, Seckel, Comice)
plum (Brooks Gold)

raspberries (established unknown variety)
blueberries (3 varieties: Spartan, Duke, Chandler)
goji berry
Saskatoon berry
gooseberry (propagated from unknown variety)

grape (Montréal Blue)

strawberries (2 varieties: Ozark Beauty and woodland)
rhubarb (not a fruit, special consideration; established unknown variety)

It will take a few years for some of these young dwellers to grow to a size sufficient enough to produce an appreciable harvest. In the meantime, they garnish the estate with their beautiful vegetation.

I will leave you with images of this year’s sour cherry blossoms.

DSC_9220 - Version 2

DSC_9307 - Version 2

DSC_9325 - Version 2

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  1. Cindy
    Jun 9 2014

    How marvelous!!

    • Stéfan Lévesque
      Jun 9 2014

      Thank you Cindy.

  2. joelle fourcroy
    Jun 10 2014

    Quel beau récit, très bien illustré par ces magnifiques fleurs de cerisiers . Heureuse de lire des nouvelles du verger et de le voir s’agrandir de jours en jour. Quel plaisir de voir les pousses lever, les boutons de fleurs s’ouvrirent,celles-ci s’épnouirent . Essayez de planter de nouvelles espèces afin d’avoir de belles surprises. Merci Stefan.


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