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September 24, 2013


Falling Into Place

DSC_0057 - Fall Colors

Montréal is looking beautiful with the arrival of fall. Crimson and golden colors are taking over the city.

Leaves are changing color so rapidly that at moments, they look bashful as they turn red-faced.

They have no reason to be bashful because they are great teachers. The colorful leaves teach us to have reverence for the cycle of life. They gently remind us that nothing stays the same.

Everything falls into place, over and over again.

DSC_0012 - Fall Foliage

DSC_0013 - Fall Tree Foliage

DSC_0080 - Dorval in the fall

DSC_0068 - Fall sitting

DSC_0065 - Version 2

DSC_0058 - Fall Foliage

DSC_0057 - Fall Colors

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Sep 25 2013

    L’automne est une magnifique saison aux couleurs chatoyantes , elle donne aux paysages qui l’entourent un ton ensoleillé, les feuilles des arbres semblent jaunies par le soleil . Cela me rappelle l’enfance où nous les ramassions afin de les garder au creux d’un livre , où l’institutrice nous les faisait coller sur un beau cahier pour donner un nom à chacune . Merci Carlos.


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