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May 17, 2015


Bulbs Can Sing

DSC_1805 - Version 2

I like well executed displays of tulips and daffodils.

I’ve never had much luck with bulbs previously, though I must admit never having given them an honest effort.

Large spreads of tulips all blooming at once remind me of a petaled choir singing in unison. All the flowers seem to face Sol, the musical conductor. The gentle breeze sways the tulips this way and that way, all in perfect synchrony. Bulbs are like a garden’s interpretation of a chorus, a performance piece that lasts a brief moment, but graces us with an up-tempo show of blooms.

The bulb section of a garden does seem to offer perfect pitch. Yes… bulbs can sing.

DSC_1806 - Version 2

DSC_1805 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    May 21 2015

    Quelle jolie danse de tulipes ,au gré du vent . Le choeur de ce champ de fleurs répond à la nature et renvoie une harmonie de l’ensemble, bruissement des grandes tiges , beauté des corolles . Ensemble parfait pour un beau jardin imaginaire Merci Stefan . Belles illustrations.


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