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Path in Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto 2011-02-19

Allan Gardens Conservatory

A quick escape to an oasis in the dead of winter comes true with a visit to a nearby conservatory, such as the Allan Gardens Conservatory. Take a stroll through a greenhouse garden in a crystal palace.

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Bench by coffee shop on Pretoria Avenue, Toronto 2011-02-17

Coffee Time Musings

An early morning coffee is always a treat. The wooden bench was perfect for enjoying a hot cup outside the coffee shop on Pretoria Avenue. Despite being small, the first sip of coffee carried a jolt of taste.

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Pattern in puddle on Mortimer Avenue, Toronto 2011-02-17

Puddle Pictures

What sort of photography can be conceived on a grey February day? Puddle pictures of course. The wet sidewalk lead the way from one puddle to another.

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Purple tulips from a Danforth Avenue market, Toronto 2011-02-18

Hungry for Colour

By Stéfan.

There are easy ways to satisfy a prismatic appetite. Bursts of saturated colours leap from the stands of markets selling edible and decorative goods. Read moreRead more

Ducks, Kew-Balmy Beach, Toronto 2011-02-15

Glen Manor Drive Lakefront

When the motivation to go trekking is benumbed by winter, consider heading to a compelling place. The frosty lakefront at the foot of Glen Manor Drive can double as a setting for a miniature arctic expedition. Read moreRead more

Undulating power lines in Woodbine Park, Toronto 2011-02-14

Winter Wind

By Stéfan.

The thermometer suggested above freezing temperatures but it did not factor the northwest winter wind. It was important to factor the wind given its stinging power. Yes, it was cold.

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Pigeons in flight on Winchester Street, Toronto 2011-02-10

Winchester Street Pigeons

Spanning less than a kilometre long, Winchester is a short street in Cabbagetown. It’s a great place to hang out. Pigeons were doing just that in fact – hanging out on Winchester Street. Read moreRead more

Toronto Necropolis Chapel in Cabbagetown 2011-02-10

Toronto Necropolis

A captivating corner of Cabbagetown is the Toronto Necropolis, one of Toronto’s oldest and most historic cemeteries. It was opened in 1850 in order to replace a Potter’s Field which was located in what is now the Yorkville district. Read moreRead more

Bay Street near Temperance Street, Toronto 2011-02-10

Glass Surfaces

During a roundabout journey on another cold day, the blue winter sky had us peering up and enjoying the many gleaming glass surfaces in downtown Toronto. Bay, Dundas and Church Streets all offered sights in which glass played an important role. Read moreRead more

Cupola atop the Smoke House in the Distillery Historic District, Toronto 2011-02-05

Distillery Historic District

By Stéfan.

The Distillery Historic District is a great place to visit for inspiration.  At the heart of this sector sits the old Gooderham and Worts Distillery Complex. According to this district’s official website, by 1877, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery had become the largest distillery in the world.

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