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August 16, 2015


See Beyond the Box

DSC_2152 - Version 2

Do you place yourself in a box?

You probably don’t think so. Not many of us do. But any label you use on yourself, or others, is a box of sort.

Certain delineations are important at times, but we should never be reduced to the content of a box.

We are more than the colour of our plumage, right?

Are you in agreement or are you simply parroting my head nod?

DSC_2139 - Version 2

DSC_2152 - Version 2

DSC_2157 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Aug 23 2015

    Quelle belle image , celui qui reste efermé dans ses convictions sans regrder au delàcomment les autres vivent ou pensent . Merci Stefan pourcette allégorie et les images des perroquets que nous sommes embellis de jolis couleurs mais attendant qu’on leur portent les graines.


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