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March 9, 2015


Check Out My Hat

face-2015-03-06 1 - Version 3

I love cooking. In fact, I have always loved cooking.

When I was a teenager, during that last summer before I became old enough to work, I took advantage of a quiet period left by having outgrown playing as I had during previous summers. So I spent many afternoons baking.

I taught myself to make cookies, squares, cakes. I even remember making soft caramel candies that I had cooked up from scratch with sugar, butter, cream… I recall them being very delicious, but of course, I could be reconstituting this memory to suit my narrative.

Regardless, I love cooking and these aren’t just caramel-coated words.

face-2015-03-06 1 - Version 3

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Mar 11 2015

    Quelle jolie petite histoire : un souvenir d’apprentissage pour apprendre à faire des gâteaux et des bonbons . Quel agréable moment passé à cuisiner, moi, c’était enfant , toute petite pour faire plaisir à tout le monde surtout aux parents . Merci Stefan de ce joli coup de crayon .


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