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November 1, 2014


The Creative Process Is a Force

DSC_0749 - Version 2

The creative process is sort of an idea crusher and re-assembler fuelled by cognitive, emotional and aesthetic pistons.

It’s a matrix of symbols translating impulses.

It’s the process of experimenting with various artistic filters and extruders for effective overlaying in output.

This process leads to the dovetailing of ideas, the admixture of motif, and the enrichment of story.

Through sublimation, cross-project success leads to self-actualization.

The creative process is a force. There is worth in harnessing this force.

DSC_0744 - Version 2


DSC_0508 - Version 2


DSC_0749 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Nov 2 2014

    Comme les illustrations sont bien choisies pour comprendre un texte riche de mots pour les initiés . Parfois il suffit d’observer le ciel , l’univers , les étoiles et d’avoir un peu d’imagintion pour comprendre que création n’a ps forcément de mots , il suffit d’avoir les cinq sens en éveil. Merci Stefan.

  2. Nov 3 2014

    This is all good. I like the point “Through sublimation, cross-project success leads to self-actualisation”, especially. Recently I have been reflecting a lot in a journal about my artistic practice – a lot of this thinking revolves around personal philosophy and models for work which can actually be applied in a variety of contexts. In this way, at the moment, my arts practice is the engine driving me to look at, evaluate and define my life goals.


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