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May 15, 2014


What Is This Silence?

DSC_9100 - Version 2

Is this silence conveying a message? Does all this silence mean anything?

This silence means nothing more than pure industriousness.

My time has been taken up by significant work in the orchard and herbary. In fact, the cultivated areas are more than doubling in size this year. That’s what happens when one of my pilot projects gets the green light for expansion.

But worry not; I am going to set out with my camera and start sharing some of my new current garden experiments and other gardening tidbits.

Gardening is so fun and rewarding.

DSC_9101 - Version 2

DSC_9100 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    May 15 2014

    Le jardin de la vie est chargé d’espoirs à semer chaque année . Ils fleurissent e donnent de magnifiques tapis de fleurs multicolores aux senteurs parfumés, d’aures donnent de beaux fruits en toutes saisons , au goût suaves et sucrés . Certains embaument l’assiette, les herbes aromatiques. Il y a tant de choses à faire au jardin que nous n’avons guère le temps de s’asseoir sur un petit banc pour se reposer . Mersi Stephan de nous faire rêver.


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