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February 1, 2014


What Was Your First Plant?

DSC_7480 - Version 3

When I rented my very first apartment a quarter of a century ago, the first plant I purchased was a ficus tree.

Because I had discovered early that I had a green thumb, I have always used plants as a way to feather a nest — an approach that became evidently useful back when I was a frugal student. A few plants that were on sale at the grocery store quickly filled my first sparsely furnished apartment.

But I still remember that very first plant I brought home — a large tree, a Ficus benjamina. I didn’t realize it at the time but this first plant was going to be one of my best plants.

I know that ficus trees are nearly too common of a plant, but it is one that I have always had great ease in growing and reproducing. From those early days in my first home, I have never been without many ficus trees yet I have never purchased another one. I must now have great-great-great-grand-seedlings from that first parent tree.

Oh — I think this particular tree needs to be repotted. Let me jump on my bicycle to go quickly get some more potting soil. See you!

DSC_7457 - Version 2

DSC_7474 - Version 2

DSC_7470 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Feb 2 2014

    Belle histoire de plantes ! ! ! Je possède chez moi une grande dame verte dans un pot , héritée de ma mère . Elle anoblit mon appartement de ses grandes tiges retombantes Elle est d’un grand âge mais encore belle pour toutesles années passées ailleurs, je pense en faire don à quelqu’un car elle a vraiment besoin d’aller respirer l’oxygène ailleurs . Merci Stefan pour les belles illustrations .


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