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October 23, 2013


Listen To The Voice

Lake water

Most of us have experienced what we call a gut feeling, a sense of knowing something just happened or is about to happen.

These are feelings that we can’t explain but we can most definitely feel. They can become very strong, even to the point of becoming unsettling.

I believe that these gut feelings, or feeling that something is going to happen before it actually occurs, is a way for the brain to communicate with us and we must pay attention. Our brain is always reading our surroundings and processing information, even when we are asleep – it never stops!

I still remember the time when I was getting ready to go for my afternoon aerobic class but something inside of me was telling me not to go. This feeling was so intense that I started to feel sick to my stomach; so I did not go.

Later on that day, a friend of mine called me to tell me that the glass wall dividing the weight room and the aerobic class had shattered and fallen. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but the glass had fallen and spread out in the area where I normally stood.

Some people might call this a coincidence, as I do too – but coincidence or not, I am still glad I listened to that gut feeling.

Lake water

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Oct 24 2013

    L’intuition est plus ou moins développée chez certaines personnes. Je suis très sensible à cela l’impression de déjà vu, les rêves prémonitoires, la clairvoyance fait partie de ma personnalité mais je n’en use pas car je me méfie de mes sensations. Merci Francine pour ce récit .


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