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November 16, 2012


In A Tiny Yellow Sketchbook

A tiny yellow sketchbook 2012-11-01

In a tiny yellow sketchbook
Lives a bunch of single pages
On each one you’ll find a hook
In scribbled art that sure engages

All these forms were undertook
In freehand work of many gauges
Using care much ink was shook
That left delight for all the ages

Think of all the time it took
To doodle daily linkages
One per day, do have a look
For ninety-five of them in stages

Come back soon for drawing rages
Join us please for this outlook
A sketch-a-day with joy the wages
Bookmark this creative nook


  1. Nov 17 2012

    Wonderful bit of prose, and lovely images Stefan!! 🙂

    • Nov 17 2012

      Thank you Rachel.

  2. andy
    Nov 18 2012

    great post

    • Nov 18 2012

      Thank you Andy.

  3. Feb 16 2013

    Love this! You’re bookmarked.

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