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November 10, 2012


Blog Evolution

Magical autumn view, Dorval 2012-10-09

It’s true that everything evolves, even blogs.

Take this blog for example. It began as a photoblog, as an e-photo-gallery.

But because we love words, this website soon developed a written voice that allowed it to grow beyond its first purpose as a photography showcase. It became a place to find visual tidbits with a side of words.

The themes explored in this blog also continue to evolve: from inspiration to introspection – from poetic creations to the creative process – from whimsical words to witty works.

Yes – everything evolves, even this blog.



  1. Nov 11 2012

    Lovely photos. I like it when you feature bigger pictures!

    • Nov 11 2012

      Thank you Simon. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. We will continue to feature larger images.

  2. Nov 13 2012

    What’s that noise?

    Ahhh yes.

    It’s the rustling of the leaves.

    I love the photos!

    • Nov 13 2012

      Thanks. I love trees and leaves.

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