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October 10, 2011


Autumn Colours

Dried grasses in Ernest Thompson Seton Park, Toronto 2011-10-08

By Carlos.

I have always loved autumn. The beautiful surroundings created by falling leaves are magical.

It is also a reminder that life is continuously changing. Fall gives us another opportunity to fall in love.

Put on a nice sweater, a beautiful scarf and take a walk holding someone’s hand.

Every season has its beauty; every season has the power to let you experience life with someone by your side.

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  1. Oct 10 2011

    Beautiful photos and inspirational writing, Carlos. Made my day a little happier :-)

  2. Oct 10 2011

    Nice bokeh in that first shot.

  3. Oct 10 2011

    Great photo’s and thoughts. I hope to get out in the autumn beauty tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Oct 12 2011

    The leaves are just starting to change colors here. I like your perspective with relation to cooler temperatures and falling in love. I’ve always seen the snow as snuggle weather even if I don’t have someone to snuggle! To me autumn and winter are seasons made for lovers.

  5. Oct 12 2011

    Gorgeous autumn series Carlos–love the light

  6. Oct 13 2011

    Beautiful first shot.

  7. Oct 17 2011

    Great colors. Nicely done.

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