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Posts tagged ‘birds’

Sky viewed from Polson Pier, Toronto 2011-04-25


By Carlos.

There is definitely a strong sentiment between me and the colour blue. I was not very old when trouble came in blue – and I still remember that time.

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Silhouette in Riverdale Park West, Toronto 2011-05-26

Name That Tune

I heard that a Brazilian composer came across a photo of birds on electrical wires and wrote a song based on the position of the birds on the wires.

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Tern posing in Bluffer's Park, Toronto 2011-05-05

Fly Away

By Stéfan.

With your camera in your face, you inch up closer hoping the bird will not fly away. You take a photo. Again, you get a few inches closer holding your breath and trying not to make a noise. You take another photo.

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Geese in Ashbriges' Bay, Toronto 2011-03-30

Bird Story

Written by Stéfan.

To introduce today’s post on birds, I wanted to recount a story about an exclusive bird auction I once attended. It ended up being very exciting.

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Crow in the Danforth Village, Toronto 2011-03-08

Feathered Creatures

We have traveled far and wide to bring you a collection of photos presenting feathered creatures. We have used fancy tracking equipment and spent hours staking out certain spots in order to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures – just for you.

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Gentle avian neighbour in Ashbridge's Bay Park, Toronto 2011-03-15

Avian Lakefront Real Estate

By Stéfan.

For Sale: Luxurious Avian Lakefront Real Estate. Come see these spacious one and two bedroom condos and duplexes on grand tree lodges.

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Pigeons in flight on Winchester Street, Toronto 2011-02-10

Winchester Street Pigeons

Spanning less than a kilometre long, Winchester is a short street in Cabbagetown. It’s a great place to hang out. Pigeons were doing just that in fact – hanging out on Winchester Street. Read moreRead more