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Toronto Necropolis Chapel in Cabbagetown 2011-02-10

Toronto Necropolis

A captivating corner of Cabbagetown is the Toronto Necropolis, one of Toronto’s oldest and most historic cemeteries. It was opened in 1850 in order to replace a Potter’s Field which was located in what is now the Yorkville district. Read moreRead more

Bay Street near Temperance Street, Toronto 2011-02-10

Glass Surfaces

During a roundabout journey on another cold day, the blue winter sky had us peering up and enjoying the many gleaming glass surfaces in downtown Toronto. Bay, Dundas and Church Streets all offered sights in which glass played an important role. Read moreRead more

Cupola atop the Smoke House in the Distillery Historic District, Toronto 2011-02-05

Distillery Historic District

By Stéfan.

The Distillery Historic District is a great place to visit for inspiration.  At the heart of this sector sits the old Gooderham and Worts Distillery Complex. According to this district’s official website, by 1877, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery had become the largest distillery in the world.

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Boats in the marina of Ashbridge's Bay Park, Toronto 2011-02-03

Ashbridge’s Bay Park

According to the City of Toronto, “Ashbridge’s Bay Park was named after Sarah Ashbridge, a Quaker widow and United Empire Loyalist from Philadelphia who settled here in 1793 and obtained a Crown land grant in 1799 for a farm.”

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"Turn Left" sign in the Port Lands, Toronto 2011-01-09


CASLworks is a concept that had been germinating for many months. We are pleased to have taken the first step towards realizing this project. Today, was registered. Read moreRead more