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December 7, 2015


Online Echo Chambers

DSC_2185 - Version 2

Echo chambers deep and wide
In which dissent dissolves in snide
Feed the sheep full fortified
Of credo cured all glorified

Finger pointing, booming pride
With selfish view personified
Most of them in marching stride
To drumming drone that does divide

What begins as laughs and joyride
Surfing waves on media beachside
Soon will morph in tribal tide
That drowns the sense, plea nullified

What’s upright, in time, may slide
When discourse rings undignified
Old ideas get calcified
When further learning is denied

Dial down dogma, step aside
Filter lifting clears the blindside
Be the change, good will in stride
And spread the peace the whole world wide

DSC_2188 - Version 2

DSC_2189 - Version 2

DSC_2185 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Dec 22 2015

    Belles illustrations . Les graffitis couvrent et raniment certains vieux murs . Merci pour vos mots ils résonnent ,raisonnent , le ftur est imparfait , le présent est regret et le passé non composé, quant au conditionnel il pourrait tout changer , restons dans l’absolu de l’être imparfait . Merci Stefan .


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