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August 13, 2015


Creativity in Layers

doodle face 2015 50 - Version 2

I love layers.

The concept of layers comes into my thinking often since I see layers everywhere.

I particularly think it natural to consider layers in art.

Recently, I have written about the face I draw on the notes I give my neighbour. This little routine has morphed into a mini creative project in itself. One of the characteristics of this mini project is that it is playing out longitudinally.

The scientific part of me asks, with a wink; what additional layer does a longitudinal project offer? It offers the opportunity to observe and document the evolution of the doodled faces over time. Of course, this layer is on top of the original purpose of the doodle: to provide my neighbour a smile.

To share this smile with you and document this mini creative project, I am posting doodled faces on a Tumblr Blog under the name:

Daily Doodle Face


doodle face 2015 50 - Version 2

What a headline” posted on the Tumblr Blog: Daily Doodle Face

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Aug 16 2015

    Merci Stefan de cette intéressante explication : le récit artistique d’un trait de crayon de couleur donnant l’esquisse d’un visage . Très intéressant et joliment dessiné .


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