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August 21, 2014


Gracious Garden Fauna

DSC_9920 - Version 2

If you have a garden, you have fauna. Oh yes!

There are all sorts of critters and creatures in the garden; from the bees that pollinate, to beautiful butterflies that flutter about, to four-legged animals that walk all around.

Squirrels can certainly be cute as a button, but they sure have wreaked havoc in a few crops. The cultured corn was no match to the uncultured squirrel manners.

Lately, I have noticed some new creatures that hang around. They are, perhaps, not as attractive as squirrels but they sure do treat the garden respectfully. They are gracious garden fauna – they really are. I’m not sure what they eat, but they leave my garden beds completely untouched.

The best part is that they do not seem camera shy.

DSC_9915 - Version 2

DSC_9920 - Version 2

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Aug 21 2014

    Très intéressant ce récit Stefan , j’aimerais rencontrer ces charmantes bestioles qui n’abîment pas vos plate-bandes et décorent celui-ci d’une façon amusante . Mais avouez qu’un gentil écureuil et quelques sauterelles stridulentes apportent une vie au jardin .Merci et photos amusantes de ces charmantes bêtes paléolithique en plastique .


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