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August 23, 2013


My Old Country

DSC_0296 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

In the last few years, I have traveled to Chile several times. It’s a beautiful place to visit especially if you like mountains and the Pacific Ocean like I do.

Oh…Lets not forget to mention that I was also born there. So, as you can imagine, I have a special affinity to this place.

Whenever I am in Chile, I get to see some of my relatives and friends. It’s a real treat to visit my old country, to feel the latin vibe, to hear the Spanish language and to eat delicious food.

Even though I love every single visit to this wonderful place, I know there are many other wonderful places in the world to see and experience. I believe it’s healthy to vary your traveling destinations and I sense that I am getting ready for another trip to a new place.

Until then…

DSC_0287 Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0292 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0294 Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0296 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0297 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0305 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

DSC_0321 - Viña Del Mar, Chile

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  1. joelle fourcroy
    Aug 24 2013

    Quelquesoit le Pays d’où l’on vient , on y retourne surtout pour reprendre contact avec soi-même et ses origines . Le Chili doit être une superbe nation malgré toutes les vicissitudes qu’elle a traversée mais c’est surtout pour ces superbes paysages et sa particularité une grande bande coincée entre les Andes et l’Océan Pacifique. Merci Carlos, on en rêve . Belles illustrations de cette ville proche de Valparaiso , ville rêvée………

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