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August 5, 2013


Life Is Good

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With perspective, I can qualify this period of my life.

I recall my earlier decades as a bit more tumultuous than now. My teen years are a big blur even though they were richly formative.

My twenties were all about trying on different hats, analyzing a few road maps, and completing several hikes and explorations in many areas of life. The landscape of this period contains mountains of science and medicine. I climbed a few of these peaks. I am proud of these expeditions even if I discovered I had vertigo.

Then, my thirties were all about running in the rat race and climbing the corporate ladder. I did very well. I even got up there, perched on the rung just before the last one. I was reminded how heights give me vertigo.

And now, in my forties, I am enjoying more time creating my own pathways in life’s garden.

I can qualify this period of my life as good. Yes, I am in a good period of my life.

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DSC_1120 - Version 3 - 2013-07-23 at 11-35-05

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  1. Heather Anne
    Aug 5 2013

    Lovely, all aspects of your post. And very insightful.
    Hope that you are well Stéfan.

  2. joelle fourcroy
    Aug 5 2013

    Très belles illustrations ! ! ! Comme il est agréable de se pencher sur les différentes périodes de la vie afin de mieux apprécier le présent . Le passé est hier, les bons souvenirs restent ancrés dans la mémoire mais il faut goûter à tous les parfums et toutes les douceurs avant de croquer à pleine dents un futur incertain mais que l’on grimpra au mieux. Merci Stefan ! ! !

  3. Aug 7 2013

    I agree – the forties are a good time. Nothing left to prove, and you know that you had better start doing the things you really want to do because time is not eternal. No messing around with excuses. Thanks for following me on Twitter and giving me a chance to discover your blog. Lovely pictures!

  4. Aug 7 2013

    Stéfan, succinct post hinting at all the hard work it’s taken to get to today–accompanied by lovely photographs that illustrate a sense of peace.

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