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August 14, 2012


Leave the Tomatoes Alone

The Rockwell bird, Dorval 2012-08-12

There are a few birds around the back yard. I think they are watching the tomato plants.

We have a problem; I must keep these birds away from the tomatoes or I have to kiss my tomato sauce goodbye.

There is one bird in particular that keeps coming back, day after day. I have seen it for about three or four days now. There is definitely something peculiar about this bird. It looks bigger than the other birds, is not afraid of people and it looks hungry.

It all made sense to me when one of the Rockwell children called the bird by its name. You see, this bird is one of the Rockwell family pets.

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  1. Marie-Claude
    Aug 18 2012

    Hahahaha !!! I love this one !! It remember me somewhere in Dorval !! 🙂

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