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May 4, 2012


Location With a View

View by a tree around Jardín Mapulemu in Parque Metropolitano de Santiago, Chile 2010-12-17

Finding the perfect place to sit is very important for some people.

As a young boy attending school, I always chose the third desk of the middle row, or, when not available, the second desk by the window.

When it comes to long flights, I would rather have an aisle seat.

Having the right place to sit is like buying real estate; location, location location.

However the only place where I truly find peace is when I sit under a tree. It is peaceful, refreshing and offers the perfect view.

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  1. May 4 2012

    That leading shot is so cool man.

  2. andy
    May 4 2012

    Nice Carlos. I have never been to Chile and I just know who to ask before I go there. But wait, I don’t have your email address…not yet 😀

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