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March 13, 2012


Why Me and Not You?

Close-up of fish being smoked in the mural "La Fresque de l'Épicerie du Village", Pointe-Claire 2012-03-11

By Carlos.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that you have to be you and not someone else?

All I know is that I could have been my brother or that famous actor on TV or perhaps that person that everyone likes.

But, it just happens that I have to be me.

Whoever decides or in this case assigns you to you had to have very good reasons to do so. I just hope they were justified to make me who I am today. I will try to make them proud.

Still, I want to know; why me?

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  1. Mar 13 2012

    no reason, really. there are no reasons, no plans. no underlying projects. at least, in this universe. all is randomness. “randomness and necessity” said Jacques Monod. but, that’s no reason to be sad – anyways, great images!
    have a great day, Carlos.

  2. Mar 13 2012

    I wonder if those fish hanging by the fire were thinking the same thing 🙂

  3. Mar 13 2012

    Great post!!! Really wonderful

  4. Apr 12 2012

    Yes, I do wonder, “Why me?” or “Why not me this time?”

    Maybe I think about it too much.

  5. Kim
    Mar 14 2013

    This is so sweet 🙂

    You must have a great deal of empathy.

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