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March 7, 2012


A New World

Pamphlet distributor on Spadina Avenue, Toronto 2010-10-09

By Carlos.

I recently watched an episode of the Bachelor, a reality show where girls are looking to meet prince charming.

It was funny and entertaining, but at the same time sad and disappointing to see a group of intelligent women act as if they were part of a Gerry Springer show.

Reality TV has captivated viewers from around the world with the perfect recipe for the display of human behavior at it’s best or at it’s worst if you ask me.

If what is being portrayed on TV is a true representation of what society is like today, I would definitely say our modern culture needs an upgrade.

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  1. Mar 7 2012

    I’m with you on this one Carlos. Sad that beautiful intelligent women subject themselves to this kind of thing!!

  2. Mar 7 2012

    My nice and a few of her friends all work in the make up industry and I was just commenting to them yesterday that the drama of it all reminded me of that show. Polite insults and backstabbing, etc. Yes, entertaining!

  3. Mar 9 2012

    You are so right. I think that show is very sad! We stopped watching it many years ago because it just turned my stomach to see all the emotional messes. I’m am not into personal and emotional drama!

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