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August 4, 2011


My Toronto

Rooftops in the west end, Toronto 2010-07-31

By Carlos.

Coming from a small village back in Chile, moving to Toronto made for a big culture shock for me.

When I first immigrated to Canada, I found myself in a city where people seemed too busy to know their neighbours or to greet you more than once a day. The people who lived across the street spoke a different language, wore colourful outfits and went to church on Sundays.

Not able to speak English, I felt isolated in this new world that was completely different than the one I had known all my life. But this was not going to stop me.

My way of dealing with all of this difference in culture was to follow these simple words: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Now that time has gone by, all the differences I first noticed when I came to this city became what I love about Toronto.

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  1. Aug 4 2011

    Wonderful shots and inspirational words.

  2. Aug 5 2011

    The people across the street speak the same language, but they are still unfriendly. I think it is just a sign of the times…people are more selfish – not everyone, but people as a whole I think are just think more and more about themselves instead of others.

  3. Aug 6 2011

    Welcome to Canada. No matter I’m years late.
    I know this is a city that can inspire.
    If i may, my inspiration of TDot:

  4. Aug 10 2011

    Great series celebrating your new home Carlos. I love the shot of the peaks agains the sky–excellent!

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